MCPS : International workshop on Management of Service-oriented Cyber- Physical Systems

@ the 15th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2017)

13 Nov 2017 Malaga (Spain)


Nowadays, smart physical objects are being adopted in the society to improve the cities related features such as the quality of everyday citizens life, the working environments in manufacturing, the safety and efficiency in healthcare, and the management of transportations. The integration of physical components with computations forms large distributed networks called Cyber-physical systems (CPS). The goal of CPS is to support the development of smart infrastructures in several domains including critical ones. The emergency of CPS promises great advances, but at the same time, it raises more challenges, particularly in smart process and service provisioning. This implies the integration of a multitude of software, static and mobile physical components, evolving in highly unpredictable dynamic environments with complex and hard requirements.


Best practices related to SOC (Service Oriented Computing) and BPM (Business Process Management) can be useful to achieve dynamic, collaborative, and high flexible cyber-physical processes. The classical service-oriented management of distributed information systems can be enhanced, adapted, and evolved to cater for CPS development issues. In this context, the MCPS workshop will focus on core challenges of SOC based CPS development and management. The goal of MCPS is to bring together researchers and practitioners both from the academia and from the industry of different communities such as business process management, service-oriented computing, and cyber-physical systems. MCPS aims at addressing the growing needs of dynamic and adaptive service oriented CPS and to share and promote solutions, expertise, and ongoing research on defining rich models, design, execution, monitoring, predictive/detective analysis, diagnosis, and adaptation approaches of service-oriented CPS.


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